Friday, December 2, 2011

Pregnancy and Moving

They don't go together!

After spending all afternoon Thursday cleaning I woke up yesterday sore and feeling almost as tired as when I went to bed the night before.  This is pathetic!  

I had hoped to get everything done but the kitchen was dirtier than I realized (Grease is disgusting!) and Ford was determined to traverse the stairs (my baby gate is currently buried behind a mountain of boxes in the garage).  

Most of the first floor has been cleaned and santized, I did end up throwing in the towel on the kitchen though.  I need something more powerful to cut through the grease. 

Evan vacuumed the upstairs while I took a breather.  I'm still waiting for my second trimester burst of energy to kick in...  so much for my dreams of painting before we moved our stuff in.

Even so we have a lot of work do this weekend if we want to be moved in by Monday morning and I really want to be moved in by Monday!  Goodbye 40 minute drive to and from school every morning and afternoon!

The kitchen.
The view of the backyard from our master bedroom.  We have a pond!  We're going to have a fence put up for safety reasons as soon as we can get someone out to do it.

The "mommy tub" as the boys call it.  This may or may not be what sold me on the house. 

My helpers!

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