Monday, December 19, 2011


Jed and I noticed at quite a young age that Seth seemed to, at best, tolerate and, at worst, dislike, all music.  While his older brother would get down to just about anything from Wiggles, to the Cops theme song, Seth sat stoic.  There was that one time that he let loose at a wedding, our jaws dropped as he made his way across the dance floor shaking his booty.  I assume it was the presence of an audience that inspired him as he returned to his Baptist ways the following day.  

Our commute to and from school the last two years gave me the opportunity to test out different songs on him. While nothing struck a cord for him, I discovered that Evan would listen to just about anything but really liked rock music and Kane, well unfortunately, he has an affinity for Britney Spears.  It's unclear how he even came across her music, let alone developed a taste for it, as I am prone to change the station with in a millisecond of one of her songs coming on, in general though he's a fan of  any kind of pop. Ford isn't picky, he dances to anything with a beat.  

So I went about my business assuming I had all my kids music preferences figured out.  Then Jed made a shocking confession, he had been listening to country music when I wasn't around!  I loved that we had always been on the same page, country was "the devil's music"!  I was pretty upset with him at first, what a betrayal, but I moved on to pity when I began to suspect he might be going deaf or insane.  Jed, though, quickly pushed me passed pity and into annoyed as he's been trying to convert me by listening to it when I'm around, not to mention exposing our children to the junk.  Sigh, and wouldn't you know it as I'm protesting, out of the corner of my eye I catch Seth jamming out. 

Of course, Seth, of course.  

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