Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Six days later and I'm finally posting about Halloween.  It's been busy since then and I haven't really been on my blogging game lately.  Oops.  At least I'm posting right?!!  

We had the extended family over for dinner and trick or treating.  Tracy and Coty brought Oakley for his first Halloween! 

Oakley was a giraffe and Isla even though we didn't have any other Pooh characters in our bunch, went as the pot of honey.  I refused to spend good money on a costume she would most likely hate wearing.  That costume by the way is for a 6 month old and while it was a little small, it still worked!  

I went to Goodwill a few days before Halloween and found several costumes for $3 each.  I bought all of them, and let the boys all pick out who they wanted to be.  I even bought a Mario costume expecting them to all fight over who would wear it but no one chose it!  

We lost Luigi's hat the day before trick or treating which was a bummer because Ford is the perfect Luigi! 

Don't ya think?!  This picture was taken days before said hat was lost. 

I didn't get any pictures of trick or treating.  It was hot, the babies were melting down, the mosquitoes were exceptionally thick this year and it was just plain hectic trying to keep track of all of the boys!  

Halloween Highlights: 

Leading up to the big day the boys begged to wear their costumes.  Often our school days looked like this: 

 During trick or treating Kane had vision issues while wearing his Ironman mask so at one point while Coty was pulling Oakley in the wagon, Kane ran toward a house and plowed, full speed, into the wagon, jolting it onto two wheels briefly but thankfully not flipping it.  Poor Oakley was uninjured yet traumatized so they headed back to the house to hang out.  

Isla was a delight.  She isn't known for her outgoing nature so when she was talking to people, letting others hold her and even being silly, we were all stunned.  Happy day! 

The next day, we started packing to move.  What?!  Have I not mentioned that we're moving?  Well, as I type this I'm sitting in our new house!  


Josie said...

Good job on the Halloween costumes!! I love good finds at goodwill!! Isla made a cute pot of honey! Such a sweet cute idea. Didn't you just move?? How come you did?

Laine said...

Hey Josie, Thanks! I love Goodwill! We moved a little less than two years ago, for two reasons, we wanted a larger house for our expanding family and to be closer to the kids school. Mission accomplished! :) There were many reasons for this move but the main one being that we wanted to move out to the country! We didn't expect it to happen so quickly though!