Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Bird in the Hand is Worth... a Hot Fudge Sundae!

Our new house has screened balconies on both the front and the back.  The front balcony doesn't have an opening in it but the back opens into a large screened enclosure with three doors and one roof panel that is ripped open.  

Jed left for a business trip a couple days after we moved in.  I opened the door to the back of the house to let a breeze in and sat down to read the book I downloaded, Ender's Game (Excellent book by the way!).

  All of a sudden I had a friend sitting right next to me on the couch, a small brown bird.  I got up, grabbed my phone to take a picture because I knew Jed wouldn't believe it!  The craziest things happen to me when he's not around!  

After a few minutes the bird tried to fly out the front window and door.  Without thinking about it I opened the front door and let the bird "out".  Closed the door and went about my morning.  It took me a good hour to realize that the bird was trapped! 

I called the boys from outside and showed them, we tried to catch it to let it out but it was too fast!  Giving up for the day, I threw some bread crumbs out there and closed the door.  I planned to go to the store and get a net the next day.  

Evan didn't give up though, he was out there until dark.    

The next morning we got up and right after breakfast Evan went out, once again, to capture the bird. It had calmed a little but not much, I began to get the kids ready to head into town.  

Then I heard shrieking, Seth lead the way yelling, "Evan caught it!"  Evan was grinning while gently clasping his hands around the bird.  

I took pictures, we discussed why we couldn't keep it as a pet and finally let it go but for reals this time.  

 I still cant believe he caught it with his bare hands!  

As his reward for his diligence we all went to McDonald's for ice cream! 

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