Monday, November 25, 2013

Since We Bought This House

We've had a few snafus and I wanted to be sure to chronicle them so we can have a good laugh... one day.:) 

The pump for our well sprung a leak. A call to a repair man and a few hundred dollars later, we were back in business.  

One of the toilets ran continuously when the power was turned on and also leaked which caused damage to the ceiling below it. 

The microwave has only one button that works, the "add 30 seconds" button which is fortunate.  

The washer and dryer, which are kept right next to our kitchen without a door, were so loud we had to yell to hear each other over them.  We bought front loaders off craigslist but realized that by himself Jed couldn't get the washer up the stairs.  So we had to keep it down in the garage, with the hose in an old trash can so we could do laundry and someone had to babysit it so it wouldn't flood everywhere. 

The faucet on the kitchen sink, had extremely low pressure for some unexplained reason.   

A part to the dish washer fell off during a cycle. Jed was able to repair it until we're ready to buy a new one.  
The garbage disposal began flooding water under the sink, whenever the dishwasher runs.

None of the outdoor electrical sockets work.  

This one has nothing to do with the house just a bonus, I was at Aldi with the kids, one of them left a light on and when we left the van wouldn't start.  I got a jump from a kind stranger which got us home but since my van won't turn over.  

Oh and last but not least, we haven't been able to get the county to set up our trash pick up so we still have to shuttle all our trash to the old house and one of our neighbors stole our garbage can. Brilliant.

Thankfully, Jay and Joe came over to help move in the rest of the big stuff and the washer upstairs.  
We went from this, 

 To this,
They're gloriously quiet and use the tiniest amount of water which is awesome for our septic tank! 
Eventually we're going to move them over to one side and use the rest of the space as a pantry/closet. 

Jed also switched out the faucets on the kitchen sink so now I can fill the teapot in under 15 minutes! Plus he changed the garbage disposal, my van battery and the leaky toilet!  

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