Saturday, November 9, 2013

We've Moved!

My husband and I have always wanted to live out in the country with a bit of land but we always felt stuck here in the burbs due to job location and finances. 

This summer, many doors opened and we were able to consider our dream!  

We started house hunting but there were very few options in our price range. We found a piece of property we were tempt by, it was beautiful, and secluded.  Everything was perfect except the house itself, a 3 bedroom manufactured home. 

I am not comfortable living in a manufactured home in a state that's plagued with both hurricanes and tornadoes, I prefer sturdier block homes.   And while I know that it wouldn't be impossible to fit our family into a small, 3 bedroom, it would have been difficult for us.  

(Now we live on a dirt/sand road!)

We continued to search. 

A few weeks in a house went on the market.  It was in an area that we weren't crazy about and the layout of the house was a disaster however it was livable, on a nice sized piece of property and had a decent price tag.  

(Home, sweet home)
We hemmed and hawed but in the end put an offer on it!  They accepted.  

Then started the roller coaster ride.  We had to have special inspections because of our septic system and well.  The lender we used wasn't use to lending to country folks so they asked us to jump through a lot of hoops to prove their investment wasn't a bad one.  When we finally got a closing date, Jed was sent on a last minute business trip on that exact day. 

 It was surreal when the actual closing day came since I hadn't allowed myself, up until that point, to believe we were moving! 

(Closing location, across the inter coastal from the space center)

And now we're here!  There's so much to do!  There's a lot that has to be done before I can dive into what I really want to do!  Hahaha! 

  Hopefully some of our future projects will provide blogging fodder!  

Our pond as the sunsets. 

The kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and one of the living areas is on the second story.  One day if we get a chance we'd like to move everything but the bedrooms downstairs. 

I do like this view from the living room though! 

Most of the property is over grown but all the more fun to explore! 

This is why we bought rubber boats instead of cowboy boats, Florida is one giant swamp! 

The dogs are beyond happy! 

Our first dinner at the house, on the back porch.  

The kids are so excited to fish!  And since we don't back up to the St. John's river anymore, no gators! 

Another gorgeous sunset!

We have so many trees, including varying sized pines!  This will be our first Christmas with a real tree! 

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