Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We visited our favorite Pumpkin Patch last weekend!  

First we attempted a group photo!  While I never got a picture where they're all looking at me and smiling, I consider it a win when Isla actually stayed in one spot without crying so I could take these pictures! My baby is growing up! 

Best picture of the 50 or so I took. Framing it!  

We quickly headed off to the bounce pillow!  Burn off that energy bud! 

Isla was content to watch from the sidelines.  

Once everyone was worn out, we moved on to the petting zoo area.  I bought the kids each a cup of food to feed the animals.  Kane decided not only to feed the goats the food but also the paper cup.  

After the goat debacle, the boys discovered that they could hold baby chicks.  They were smitten! 

Then they went on the haunted barrel ride.  
Pure joy! 

That's what a real Sethy smile looks like! 

Last but not least, horsey rides! 

There was a long line for the regular size horses compared to the ponies but they all waited patiently, with Aunt Mimi, for their turn!  

Loving every moment! 

Future jockey! 

We can't wait until our next visit in December! 

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