Monday, November 25, 2013

Freak Accident

One week ago today, we returned home from the store, Evan jumped out of the van to open the gate to our property and while pushing it open the lock swung around and clocked him in the head.  

At first as I watched the horror unfold I thought my son had simply given himself a nice goose egg until I saw the crimson streak running down his face. 

He took off running to the house while Jed pulled the van into the driveway, I hopped out following Evan, heading to the bathroom to fulfill one of my many rolls as a mom, nurse.  

Grisly.  I cleaned it and tried to bandage it but even a butterfly wouldn't hold it together.  After conferring with Jamie and Joy, I headed off to Centra-Care with my two eldest.  

 We didn't wait as long I expected but every moment was another minute he had to think about the dreaded stitches he though he'd get.  

When the doc said, he'd glue it instead, Evan was delighted!  However I didn't think about the fact that that meant when they washed it and scrubbed the clots away that there wouldn't be any pain relief.  It was brutal but Evan handled it like a champ.  

Afterwards we went out for treats, he requested, candy and a powerade.  

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