Monday, April 1, 2013

The Kentuckians Visit

My sister, Becky, and London came down for a quick visit!  

Aunt Becky and her only niece!  

A little, girl cousin, bonding! 

Ford and London were like two peas in a pod.   

Except when Ford called London "Bay-bay" then London would tell him indignantly, "I not a baby!" To which Ford would say, "Ok bay bay."    

Then they wrestled it out on the trampoline. 
 Ford was delighted to have someone his own size to wrestle for a change, he could not stop laughing.  

Later we hung out at the hotel they were staying in.  We spent a little time at the pool until a huge rainstorm rolled in.  Then we were forced to chill in the room, fortunately they had a three bedroom, presidential suite! 

A selfie with London! 

Becky and London meet Oakley! 
London wasn't sure what to think about her mom holding a baby.

"I know you're in there Bay-bay!"

When London climbed into Oakley's stroller,it cemented her baby status. 

Our last day together we went to the zoo.

Little ladies!  
Right after this, while Becky and I were chatting, London tried to pick Isla up by her head.  

London: "Your mom's really uptight about her baby doll." 
Ford: "Yeah, she's always telling me, 'she is not a toy', I don't get it." 

We found the Easter Bunny! 

All seven cousins! 

Hello Mr. Otter. 

Becky, London and Becky's boyfriend, David. 

Best friends! 
When we got to the zoo, Ford grabbed London's hand and led her down the path towards the entrance.  There was a kettle corn vendor along the way and as I was trying to dig out my phone to get a picture of the cuteness, Ford tried to grab a bag of popcorn for the two of them to share. Little trouble makers! 

Sweet little Oakley. 

I miss this! 

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