Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Isla at 11 Months

She's a picky eater (although not as much so as Ford) and her favorite food is bread, she'd eat it all day if I let her.  I discovered yesterday that she will eat avocado but still gags on, strawberries, bananas, peas, and tangerines.  

She's reserved for the most part but on occasion she'll chat your ear off and if she doesn't get what she wants she'll let you know, with an ear piercing shriek.  

She likes her personal space, especially when it comes to her brothers.  Seth, with his tender heart, has won a place in her heart though, so he can get away with more snuggles than the others. 

She loves when others sing for her and/or pat a beat, she can't resist shaking her booty. 

Clapping and peek a boo are some of her favorite games.

She figured out that she could climb the stairs and has made every effort (despite gates and many watchful eyes) to practice this as often as possible.    

She still wears 3-6 month clothing.

Just recently she learned to enjoy her baths instead of screaming through them. Yay!

She's a joy! 

When Seth saw Isla with the tulle, he said, "Look Isla is a beautiful bridal!"  

Isla wasn't that into the the tulle so instead I got out her shoes, she loves to go through her shoes! 

"Hey girl, I found a sale at Macy's, you have to check it out, they have the cutest shoes." 

Pure Joy! 

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