Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Second Time's The Charm or Not

Two weekends ago, Jed took the boys for their annual "Men's Camping Trip".  

The week prior, Seth and Ford had been sick and when the boys head out, I was still cleaning throw up out of Isla's pack and play.  

I'm not sure why we assumed Evan and Kane were immune, it was foolish.  And our folly led to a very stressful Saturday morning for Jed, as his eldest born was up before the sun, puking all over the camper.  

Fun times.  

He called it a weekend and came home.  

Miraculously Kane actually avoided this bout of sickness and by Tuesday everyone was well.  We decided to try a family trip.  

Unfortunately Florida decided it was time for summer to commence so our lovely 70 degree weather became high 80s with humidity so intense that Kane and Ford's hair looked like they stepped right off of the set of an Ogilvie commercial. 

The boys still enjoyed themselves, as they always do but it solidified that this was in fact our final hurrah until the fall.

For our first evening we didn't have time to find firewood or even make a fire so went to Sonny's for dinner.  Isla noshed on her first rib! 

The park had several nice trees to climb, keeping Seth and his brothers busy! 

After Isla learned to climb the stairs we bought this baby gate and when it arrived we realized it'd be perfect for camping!  She loved being able to crawl around and I loved not having to hold her 24/7! 

Happy girl teething on a sweet pepper! 

One of the nice things about having mini children!  

Fishing is there absolute favorite thing to do! 

Can't wait until next year!  

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