Thursday, April 4, 2013


My birthday and Easter fell on the same weekend!  

Friday morning the kids and I read the Passover story and then Jesus' crucifixion.  Seth said, "When you read the part about Jesus dying my eyes started to get water in them." Mine too buddy, mine too.  

That night Jed took me out to dinner and gave me my gifts, a nice shirt and a milk glass, chalice. Thanks babe!  

Saturday was my actual birthday and we had a relaxing day at home with the kids.  We got a cake from Target and dyed eggs.  It was a blast dying eggs with all the boys.  It was the first time Ford really got into!  

Jed and I spent the night putting together the boys Easter gift, the Police Station Lego set and stuffing plastic eggs with candy.  

Sunday, Jed read about Jesus' resurrection and ascension. 
We had our Easter hunt and then went to Lowe's to purchase plants for our yard! 
I think spending Easter gardening is a great new tradition!  

Birthday dinner! 

Duck rolls for an appetizer!

Milk glass!

Lets dye some eggs!

They're old pros!

My boys!

Then we had cake!  

Easter morning, ready, set, hunt!  

And my baby girl in her first Easter dress on her first Easter Sunday!  So fun! 

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