Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping Me On My Toes

I caught the two younger boys making some bad choices so I sent them to the bathroom for a timeout.

  I wanted to speak to each one of them individually about what they had done so I said to Kane, "Go outside and wait for me." 

 I had a good chat with Ford, sent him out and called for Kane.  Nothing.  

I went looking for him to find an empty house and the front door open.

 My first thoughts were of course irrationally terrible so I shoved those down and ran to the door.  

There my four year old sat on the porch, sucking his thumb. 

 I said, "What are you doing?"  He said, "You told me to go outside."  

"I meant outside of the bathroom, like in the hallway, as usual."  "Oh, hahaha, oops." 

Ford: (sternly, with brow furrowed) "Mom, we don't eat money."

Me: "That's right." (Then I remembered that earlier he had a penny which was now no where in sight) "Ford, did you eat your money?"

Ford: (no longer making eye contact and looking sheepish)

Me: "Ford, did you eat money?"

Ford: (squirming and trying to look anywhere but at me)

Me: "Ford, look at me. Did you eat your money?"

Ford: (Can't keep a straight face, and finally nods)

Me: *sigh*

Ford (In a quiet sing song voice while rubbing his tummy) "It's in here... it's in here..."

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