Thursday, April 25, 2013

100 Month Birthday

I think he was in Kindergarten when it started. I was telling someone how old one of the little guys was in months when Evan asked, "How many months am I?"  

So began the count to 100 months.

And as it turned out, his bike broke a couple weeks before his "birthday" so we decided it was the perfect time to get him a new one!  

Isla and I went on a girl's shopping trip to pick up Evan's bike.  I didn't think through how I was going to walk the bike and carry Isla to the front of the store. It was a long, tedious walk but we made it! 

Then as we were leaving, a huge rain storm unleashed its fury.  Being trapped in Walmart is one of my worst nightmares.  

But it was all worth it, the next day when we gave it to him.  Jed surprised Evan when he came home from work and rode it through the backdoor.  

At last they can ride bikes together again! 

They're ready to roll! 

I asked Evan if he wanted something other than cake for his birthday dessert but his only request was that it be homemade.  I guess some of my kids still like cake! 

Ford wanted to make sure everyone knew who the birthday boy was so he pointed at Evan while we sang.  :) 

Happy 100 Months Evan!!

 We love you and are looking forward to the next 100!  
And of course he's already calculated the month and year of his 200 month birthday! 

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