Monday, September 24, 2012

Spider Friend

Kane found a spider on the stairs today. 

As I was about to squish him with my shoe, Kane shouted, "No, don't kill him he's a wolfy spider! They don't bite, they're our spider friends!"  Sigh.  

I wasn't going to let little "wolfy" just wander around our house so I caught him and now Kane is carrying him around in this container.  

Since we were on the subject and all, Kane informed me that he and his brothers had been catching wolf spiders upstairs and keeping them in (open) bins as pets.  Do we have some kind of infestation? Ick. 

And yes, Kane has been kissing his "bery best spider friend".  

At least he wasn't the size of this wolfy spider friend.  *shudder* We found this one at the store, where we left it, much to the disappointment of my children.  
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