Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Shower

Tracy and Coty's baby shower was this weekend. Our entire family was invited because it was a co-ed shower but unfortunately Kane was sick so Jed kept him, Ford and Isla home.  

Evan, Seth and I went and had a blast.  I brought my camera and was looking forward to taking pictures without a baby strapped on me but when I went to take my first shot I realized my camera battery was dead which was weird because I pulled it straight off the charger.  I think it must have gone bad. Sad day.  

Thank goodness for camera phones, even if the quality is terrible at least its documented! 
The location was outdoors at a park on a river.  

The boys were quick to jump in the river.

The adults stayed dry and hung out by the grill. 

I think the boys split their time evenly between swimming and eating. 
 Best. Day. Ever. 

Cute Safari themed cake! 

Tracy protested cutting the cake but we forced her into it.  
Yay for fun, awkward moments! 

The boys talked Coty into joining them in the frigid water! 

Then they watched Tracy open their gifts. 
 Before we left for the shower they asked if they could pick out a couple things from their rooms to give to baby Oakley. 

We love you Oakley and can't wait to meet you!! 

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