Friday, September 7, 2012

Staycation 2012

We considered doing a little get away for Labor day but in the end decided to stick it out at home.
We planned a few activities, did a few home projects and last but certainly not least rested.

-Went to our first Food Truck Bazaar. I ordered mandarin chicken wraps from the Vietnamese food truck while Jed and the boys ordered empanadas from the Latin food truck, we all tried the cupcake "truck" which was actually a tent. Dinner was yummy, dessert not so much. I am still wrestling with the part of me that feels ripped off having paid about the same to eat out of a truck as we do when we go to a decent restaurant...

-We took the kids to Flea World.  They loved it and we didn't get robbed! Win/win.

-Spent Sunday with Jay and Jamie at their condo on the beach. Evan, Seth and Kane loved the ocean while Fordy had a blast in the pool.  We also saw a gopher tortoise wandering around the dunes while eating dinner.

-Most nights we watched movies or caught up on episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix.  Joy says that my sense of humor reminds her of Ron Swanson.  I'm not sure what to think about that.  

-We had a plumbing issue.  Our drains began to gurgle whenever the toilets were flushed and eventually backed up.  My husband is a rock star, without complaining he fixed it.  No, trying to find an honest, plumber. No, waiting around all day for him to get there.  No, massive bill at the end.  Jed you're the best!! And I'm sorry you had to spend part of our staycation doing this but thank you!

-We went to Lowe's a few times.  There are so many projects we'd love to do, its hard to decide where to start and which direction to go!

-I hit up Joann Fabrics. I am trying to teach myself to sew (thus the blog silence all week) but I am really challenged in the art of measuring and cutting... and pinning and setting up a sewing machine.  I should probably just throw in the towel but I LOVE fabric and homemade stuff.  Sigh.

Alright I'm going to publish this before I get distracted again and it's two weeks late instead of one! I leave you with this article.

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