Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not The Next Bill Nye

Kane walks into the bathroom after I had taken a shower, points to the mirror and says, 

"Mom, why is it like that?"

Me: "The mirror fogged up because I took a hot shower."

Kane: "But why?"

Me: (I could tell he was in his "why" mood and was talking for the sake of talking so I decided to roll with it) "Well, some of the water from the shower gets hot enough that it evaporates, turning into a gas, we call it steam.  The steam floats through the air and when it hits the mirror it cools down and goes through condensation, fogging up the mirror."

Kane: "What's condensation?"

Me: "When a vapor turns into a liquid." 

Kane: "What kind of liquid?"

Me: "Well, this is water."

Kane: "Oh, well, who cares about all that, anyway."

Leaves bathroom shaking his head dismissively. 

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