Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Seth is sick. 

Jed and I spent most of the morning cleaning up puke before he took Evan to school. 

The urge to throw up must sneak up on Seth because he never once made it to the toilet, even when sitting right next to it.  

On a funny note, Kane is convinced we have to move now.  A few days before we moved here Kane was sick at our old house.  He's believes that because he threw up in his bed, we moved.  Over the last 9ish months he randomly says things like, "I'm so glad that no one has thrown up in this house so we can still live here."  Or, "Remember when I threw up on my bed and  in the potty at the other house?  Where will we live if I do that again?"  

I've explained to him that we don't have move too many times to count and he seems to get it yet he still checks in every hour or so, "Mom, is the new house going to be big enough for all of us to fit?" 

On and on it goes.  

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Josie said...

So funny! I love how little people think!