Monday, August 13, 2012

Future U.S. Men's Team

One of the more common things random strangers like to say to me, referring to my family size, is, "Are you going for your own basketball team!" 

My response, "Nope, actually, we're going for an Olympic gymnastics team!"  

Team U.S. getting ready for "floor exercise".

Up first is Seth, we call him the flying Doodles.

An enthusiastic finish!

Kane's go and.... its a perfect somersault!

We call this move "The Kane-Uh", he nails it every time!   

Not every attempt is successful as Evan proves on his first turn!

Attempt two looks much better. He got amazing height on that jump!

Phenomenal form on that landing, too!!

He's pleased with his final performance. 
This guy got a spot on the team strictly because of his expertise in cuteness. 

State of the art right there.

The scores are in and what do you know, they win! 

Up next Olympics 2020!! 

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