Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Weekend

Friday we went to the beach!  When Jed got home from work we hopped in the car to drive over. Its always windier and colder on the coast so Jed and I weren't up for getting in the water, but nothing could keep the boys out!  We didn't leave until all their lips were thoroughly blue! 

Side note: Technically it was Isla's first time at the beach but since she was in the bjorn carrier the entire time, never even touching the sand let alone the water, I'm not qualifying it as her first trip. Now I don't have to feel guilty for forgetting to take pictures.  

Saturday was less eventful however I did get out my sewing machine, for the first time in years, to fix a small issue we had with the pottery barn sectional we got off of craigslist earlier in the week!  A zipper on one of the cushions was busted so I sewed that baby back on and now we have a $3,000+ couch that we bought for less than $300.  Yes!   

Sunday's weather was amazing thanks to TS Isaac!  It was cool with intermittent showers!  Glorious.  The boys played outside on and off all day and we didn't have to worry about sunburns!  

Evan worked on his skateboarding skillz. 

Puddles to play in courtesy of Isaac! 

  Cooler Weather = Pink Leggings! 
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