Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 Month Old

Time is flying and this little girl is growing up too fast!

Stats and Milestones:

 Weight- 11 lbs. 11 oz 
Length- 23 1/2 inches   
This puts her in the 50th percentile for both!  A big
 jump from the 15th percentile when born!

First laugh on 8/10
She's ticklish on her neck and chest.
She finds it funny when an object moves closer and farther from her or when she's standing on my lap and abruptly sits down. 

Said "mama" for the first time 8/11
Ok, so it wasn't refering to me, she was just cooing and the sound came out but still!!! 
She's so much chattier than her brothers. She will talk and talk and talk, and especially likes it when we make eye contact and talk back. 

She has a much higher pitch screech/scream than the boys had. 

She wakes up about once a night to eat.  YES!

First time rolling over 7/25

First time find her thumb all on her own to suck 8/6
She's so much more content when she can suck her thumb and absolutely refuses a pacifer (gags and spits it out). However as she struggles to get her thumb in her mouth and ends up scratching her face. 

Really enjoys the baby carrier for the most part and still dislikes her carseat but not nearly as much as she did a month ago. 

For the most part she is the sweetest little girl but she has her moments of attitude too.

"Do I look like I want my picture taken right now, mom?"

We adore our baby Isla!

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