Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The boys go back to school later this week!  

Ahh summer flew by but we're getting in one final hurrah before reality hits!  

The kids and I are staying at the resort where my, very adorably pregnant, sister works.  Its the same one we stayed at two years ago.  

Jed is working through the week and even has a last minute, unexpected business trip to Minnesota (someone gets to fly first class, jerk).  

We'll be home for the first day of school and then back to the resort for the weekend.  

Last night after we got settled into our room, we headed down to the kiddie pool.  The boys had a blast splashing around until it started thundering and lightening.  The rest of the night was spent enjoying cable TV! I'm not sure which the boys enjoyed more.  

Playing at one of the pools.
Our room!
Smoothies!  Yum!

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