Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures by Evan

Evan asked to use the point and shoot camera one day the week after Christmas, since the thing takes the worst pictures ever and I secretly hope everyday it will break, I let him have it. :) Here's life from his perspective.

The magnetic snow man he made at school! Isnt that fun?!

The day I got my ornament with Taylah's picture on it, too bad we got it after Christmas but now she's hanging up on our cork board in the kitchen. Isnt she a doll?!

Outside where a random dog was visiting.

Daddy and uncle Jay inspecting Jed's work on the house. He's blasting the paint of the fake rock in the front before we repaint hopefully in the next month or so.

There were LOTS of Ford pictures, I think because he sits still and is so cute.

Kane found the transformers. Doesnt he look so skeptical here? I think he's worried that Evan's going to try to take his toys. :)

And of course a self portrait.

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