Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Drop Off

Today it was 31 degrees when I dropped Seth off at school.

Someone took my usual parking space so I had to park even further away from the school than usual.

In the freezing cold I got the 2 little kids unbuckled and out of the van all while constantly reminding Seth, who had let himself out of his seat, to stop touching things and leave Kane alone.

Then as I'm holding Ford in one arm, Kane holds my other hand and Seth holds onto Kane's hand, we're like a parade as we make our way across the school parking lot.

Question: Does anyone else have kids who suddenly lose the will to walk when they have to hold their parents hands? Through the parking lot its like I'm dragging two led weights behind me but as soon as we get to the sidewalk where they can let go they're off like a shot to the door. What is the deal with that?

So anyway once we're inside I have to herd them through the building to Seth's classroom, while trying to keep Kane from darting into any door or hallway along the way.

I give Sethy a quick kiss goodbye before I turn around to sign him in.

As I finish with that I usually glance back to see what he's doing before I leave, this time I was surprised as he was standing right next to me with a weird cheesy smile on his face.

"Mommy I forgot my bag in the car. Will you go get it for me?"

Last year for Mother's day they gave the kids a survey about their moms, one of the questions was, "what does your mommy always say?" Expecting something like "I love you" I'm sure, Evan quotes me with, "You've got to be KIDDING me!"

Perfect. Example. Why.

I contemplated how important his bag really was. Surely they could rummage up some kind of lunch for him... They'd probably call me. Shoot.

Out into the cold I went, holding a baby and dragging a practically limp two year old to the van and back.

"Thanks mommy." "I love you Seth."

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