Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kane Saves the Day

We went camping again this past weekend in our new, used camper! With four boys we were fairly squashed into our old camper with the three older boys in one bed and Ford in a pack and play in the spot where the table should go. The new camper has a third pop out bed, a bathroom with a shower and toilet (no more midnight runs to the bath house!) and a full but compact kitchen. It sounds luxurious and to us it is, in fact its more than we ever imagined we'd have, but in comparison take a look at this bad boy, its nicer than my house! :)

We're so excited about our new camper, its such a blessing for us! The only snafu is that we could pull the old one with our mini van but this one is too heavy. We have a truck and it has a backseat but again we're squashed. Fortunately Jay and Jamie have a Suburban and offered to take the older boys with them on this trip but we do plan to camp without them at some point so I guess we'll be getting to know each other even better when that time comes! :)

The trip went really well, well, except the first night when the power went out and it was in the 30s and we were freezing, that wasn't so cool. We still had a space heater that worked since it was hooked up to an outlet that ran off of propane or something, I don't get the ins and outs of camper wiring. So we didn't freeze to death but it was uncomfortable and stressful. You know, like, "Please tell me that I didn't just spend a nice chunk of money on a steal box on wheels." In the morning Jed and Jay discovered that it was nothing more than a blown fuse, phew!

Then there was our last day, the day we pack everything up to head home, of course on that day we woke up to pouring rain. The campground got 3G service for our iphones so we sat around staring at the radar for a bit to see if it was going to break up. It was a massive storm but it looked like it might clear up a bit in a couple hours so we decided to head into town for breakfast and maybe some shopping.

Jed ran out to the truck to put Kane in and found that he had left his window down all night, bummer. So he plopped Kane in the backseat without buckling him and hit the button to roll up the window before closing the door to run back to the camper to get a towel. While he was doing that I walked out to put Ford in his seat, I tried to open the door but it was locked. I got so annoyed that Jed had locked the truck, I mean he knew that I was headed out there with Ford, come on. So I went back to the camper to complain to him and he told me that he hadn't locked it. I told him he had and he needed to give me the keys to unlock it. Then he pointed out the that the truck was running. Oh. So I waited as he ran out with his towel to the drive side. He pulled the door handle and nothing. Crap. At this point I figured that Kane had locked us out but Jed thinks he accidentally hit the lock when he was frantically trying to roll up the window. So let me break it down for you.

-The doors are locked with the keys inside.

-Our unrestrained two year old is inside.

-Its raining cats and dogs.

-Our spare key is hours away at home.

All our hope rested on the two year old. I stood under the awning of our camper a few feet away listening to Jed try to coax Kane from the backseat to Jed's seat, something he's not allowed to do and then to push buttons another big no no. Jed said the look on Kane's face was priceless. The bulk of the time was spent trying to get Kane's uncoordinated, stubby legged, body over the seat to the front. I was standing there waiting when I saw the passenger side window come down. I started shrieking, "IT'S OPEN! GET IT NOW IT'S OPEN!" As all the grown men rushed from one side of the truck to the other.

With the truck unlocked, we headed off to breakfast. We spent the entire way there praising Kane for being our little hero. Then we bought him a knock off brand pillow pet as a reward, fortunately he's two and doesn't know the difference, he couldn't be more pleased.

Even though he complained the entire way about being "too tired", he made it! One day when our kids are bigger and less whiny we'd like to try longer hikes, until then 1.1 miles is a feat!

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