Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Cards

I never got around to having them made therefore they were never sent out but we did take the pictures! A photo shoot with four boys 5 and under is enough to send any parent to the edge of their sanity. Lets take a look...

A few practice shots with the older two to get those smiles warmed up. Nice.

Then we added the ever happy to participate toddler.

Decided to change the background. They're getting a little impatient.

Kane's arms become awkward and problematic.

Solution: put his hands back in his pockets but of course the older two lose control of their appendages. Toss in a fussy baby.

Then Kane bursts into song.


It is of course time for their daily group hug.

Over 70 pictures later and we have two that are usable.

The baby looks cute but the older brothers are misbehaving what else can you do but crop them out?!

They aren't looking at the camera and the baby isn't smiling but it'll do.

I have so much fun taking pictures of the boys but wow can it be stressful when you want at least one to turn out! :)

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