Monday, January 3, 2011

Evan's Birthday

Let me start out by saying, poor Evan, its true kids who have birthdays around the holidays get hosed.

I had grand plans for his birthday but the stress and chaos of the holidays edged those out.

However he still got what he wanted, to eat at a restaurant and to spend time with Uncle Jay, Aunt Mimi, Joy, Joseph and Jon.

We did run into one snafu, when we went to buy the donuts for his cake all the Dunkin Donuts in our area had sold out. Seriously how does a donut shop run out of donuts? Ridiculous. We ended up with a traditional cake from the grocery store at the last minute (Thanks Uncle Jay and Aunt Mimi for picking that up!).

Nona and papa skyped in during cake and presents! Technology is amazing.

It was a good birthday!

I still cant believe he's 6! How did that happen?!

Dinner. Detroit style coney dogs for the guys, a calzone for me and pizza for the little boys. Delicious!

Time to sing!

Papa and nona joining us via the mini.

Thanks for the gifts everyone!

Yay for nerf guns!

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