Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Friday

Boys and their army men!
Bang bang! I dont think there's much hope of these boys being pacifists.

While I was taking pictures of his brothers, Kane found my new flash cards, hid under the table and attempted to destroy them. Cant let that kid out of my sight for a second!

This morning Jed is out for a motorcycle ride with Jay (they're nuts its way too hot!). Then were off to Chick fil a for lunch to meet a couple that we randomly met a couple months ago who are also from Michigan. They moved to Florida almost a year ago from Ann Arbor and have four kids the same ages as ours. Hopefully this goes well and isnt a horribly awkward crash and burn social moment for us! I'll let you know.
Then we're off to Orlando to spend the rest of the afternoon with my sister at the resort she works for. We're getting a pool side cabana! Pictures hopefully to follow!

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