Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Future Entrepreneurs

Jay bought a new lawn mower and thoughtfully saved the box for us!  

I suggested to Kane and Ford that they might want to get in their "train" and go for a ride and they just stared at me.   
Then I jumped in with them and tried to jump start some pirate action, which lasted all of 5 minutes (apparently Kane is deathly afraid of sharks and can't even pretend to be on a boat without obsessing over being eaten by one.  Some therapist is going to make a fortune off this kid in 20 years!) 

I finally gave up and that's when they opened shop.

Welcome to Kane and Ford's grocery store.  You can have a can of beans for 20 bucks or an empty container of animal crackers for 100!  

Their prices are outrageous but who could say no to these two cuties! 

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