Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monitoring Lunch

A little glimpse into a week of us on lunch duty. 

Her stroller is the perfect location to monitor from. 

Best part of mom being the lunch monitor, she brings Happy Meals! 

Isla finally gets in some girl time! 

And those girls know how to make a mean fort. 

Ford successfully made his way up the ladder on the playground equipment!  Scary yet proud moment for this mama! 

Two days in, with insufficient naps.  I asked them to put socks on...  
Status quo attitudes for the rest of the week. 

Kane's favorite spot, the tire swing.  He always managed to sucker someone into pushing him! 

Ford's new favorite place!

Isla making me laugh with silly faces! 

Not to be out done by his sister! 

Seth showing off what he earned from prize box!  

And Evan, with his football playing buddy.  These two played football all week long, whether with a group or just the two of them.  They could not be deterred.  Jed, it might be time to sign this kid up for a league or something. :) 

Friday at 6:30, out for the night.  

Although hanging out with the kids for a week was fun, for Kane, Ford and Isla's sake I'm glad I don't have to do this again for a few months!  

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