Friday, December 14, 2012


After whining on facebook (I apologize for being so annoying, I was having a rough day) about how I was too busy to make my own, a very sweet friend made this calendar for me!  
Isn't it awesome?!  Jed framed it!  I'm so thankful!  Not only did I not have to do anything, it has been so helpful in keeping Jed and me accountable to do things during this busy month!  

Things like, having a family movie night, reading the story of Jesus' birth together, driving around our town to look at Christmas lights, taking Christmas photos (that didn't turn out) and, 

painting ornaments. 

It definitely takes some outside motivation to get me to allow this mayhem! 

  Around our house crafts have always been the boys throwing as much glue, glitter, paint, ect. as possible on a given object and once fully covered calling it good.  However, this year it was a pleasant surprise to watch, Evan, as he thought out what he wanted to do and worked hard on making it happen.  I was very proud of him!  

I think watching his older brother inspired Seth too!  Although not as focused he was aware of appropriate color usage and attempted to keep things neat!  

Kane and Ford had fun! 

And didn't get paint everywhere!  

Seriously all four boys went above and beyond my expectations this year! Yay! 

Even daddy did one! 


Oh and we had a family first 
building and decorating ginger bread houses!  

Not too shabby for our first go!  

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