Tuesday, March 6, 2012


He's getting so big! 

 But he's still our little finger sucker!  I love when he uses his thumb to pinch his cheek!  

Who also loves to chug his juice and by juice I mean juice since unlike his older brothers I have not been able to convince him that water is yummy.  He's a little picky and I might spoil him a bit. 

 He recently started saying "cheese" when I pull out my camera, which actually sounds more like "thisss".  A linguist I'm afraid he will not be. 

He has also developed a penchant for sticking out his tongue.   

 He seemed especially interested in messing with the split on his lip, the one he gave himself while playing outside.   Oy boys are rough on themselves!   

Good thing they're cute!  

I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 2 in less than 2 months!!  I need a pause button for this kid!  

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