Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in the Day

My sister uploaded some childhood pictures onto facebook.  I, of course, had to show the boys!

As we looked through them we talked about who was who and whatnot but they struggle with the idea of Jed and I ever being young.  Evan and Seth are finally beginning to understand the concept that time didn't begin at their births. 

  Kane, however, is still a non-believer, evidenced by a conversation we had about marriage where he looked at me and said, "You're married?!  And daddy's married?!  How did you do that?!" (Meaning when/how did we have a wedding without him)  I replied, "We married each other before you were born."  He looked at me like what I had just said was ludicrous and then because he couldn't process it, changed the subject.  

So back to the pictures, we were looking at the black and white pictures of my parents,

Evan: "Mom, you're going too fast through the pictures they're all messed up." 

Me: "Nope that's just how they are."

Evan: "Oh yeah, because back when your mom and dad were kids everything was black and white and blurry." 

Me: "Um, actually, everything was in color and clear like it is today but back then cameras didn't work as well as they do today and pictures turned out this way." 

Evan: (Looks at me skeptically and changes the subject because that's how my kids handle the tough subjects.)  

 The picture we were discussing.  My dad in 1958, he was16 here.  

Baby Pete!  Not sure how old he is in this one.  

 My dad rockin the stache.  This is how I remember him from my childhood.  He's holding Tracy.  

 My mom. Seth makes the same face when he cries.  

Now onto the gems of Tracy and me.
We look like we like each other, deceptive! 

I thought I was pretty cool when I was a preschooler!  I like how Tracy is (somewhat) securely fastened in a  car seat in the moving vehicle and do I even have a seat belt?!  Clearly you can tell who my parents favored! I kid, I kid. 

Ok, this is reality right here.  I'm forcing Tracy to pose with me, she's probably just about to burst out screaming, then I probably pushed her down and maybe even punched her.  Sisterly love, its a beautiful and complicated thing I tell ya!  

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