Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Another update on our ducks as told in a conversation by Jed and myself.  

Me: "Jed, momma duck #1 abandoned her ducklings earlier this week.  They've joined momma duck #2 and her 3 babies."  

Jed: "She probably saw her opportunity and is getting her party on over at the adults only pond. The other duck shouldn't have been such a push over."  

Me: (rolls eyes) "No seriously, you know that my favorite duckling was one of  #1's and now she's had to join #2's group and they all pick on her.  It's so sad."  

Jed: "It'll toughen her up."

Me: (rolls eyes again and walks away)

Momma duck #2 has since abandoned the ducklings as well.  I guess that's just how it is because the babies don't seem to mind and are doing quite well for themselves.  Not to mention that, in an unfortunate turn of events I happen to witness daddy duck, having his way with mommy duck.  Disturbing.  Jed had another good laugh, at my expense, and some "fun" quotes that I wont share here after I told him about it.  

I will say that ducks have it made in the parenting department, they pop out some eggs, their babies are born with the ability to feed themselves, and with in 2 months or so, they're quite literally empty nesters.  I might be a little jealous.  

Reuniting with momma for a meal. 

The original ducklings are in front here, with my favorite one on the left.  

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