Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

I'm not a huge fan of football and I'm especially uninterested in pro football so the Super Bowl is a non-event for me.  However I live in a house filled with males who are into all things football so while they watch I worked on Jed's birthday cake (later I'll be settling into bed to read the final book of the Hunger Games!).  

My very old, old, husband turned 33 earlier this week.  I surprised him by having a babysitter lined up for the night and taking him to Outback, also for record sake, since someone has accused me of not getting him anything last year (neither of us can remember his birthday last year which I can blame on being pregnant but  whats your excuse Jed? :)), he received a UofM tshirt and a camping chair.  Anyway, back to Outback, dinner was fantastic, Jed loves their steaks and I love their cheese fries, yum!  After dinner I assumed we'd order cheesecake b/c that happens to be his second favorite item on their menu but we were both so full we couldn't imagine eating dessert. 

My poor husband didn't get a cake for his birthday and I felt bad so I decided to remedy that tonight with his most favorite cake in the whole world, German Chocolate.  

Better late than never right babe?! 

Love you, Jed!  I had so much fun celebrating another birthday with you!  Thanks for being the best husband and father!  

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