Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jed took the older two boys to their first rodeo and I stayed home with the younger two.  Kane had a great idea for what we should do while they were gone but Legoland was a little impractical so we went with idea number 2, the popcorn store (Target) for hot mollies.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the popcorn store Kane shouts from the backseat,  "Mommy, does my hair look fancy?"  Uh, after I recovered from the shock of the proper use of word "fancy" from my 3 year old son, I said, "Of course it does!"  "Mom, does it look fancy enough to go to Joy's house?  I'll make it fancier if I can go to Joy's house."  Then proceeds to vigorously rub his hands through his hair, fancying it up I suppose.

The hair.

Touring the popcorn store in style!

How do I get this thing open?  
He ended up putting it on the ground and stomping it open.  Nice.

And we found Cadburry eggs too but mommy might be keeping those for herself. 

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