Friday, February 17, 2012

The Time Kane Tried To Kill himself in the Checkout Line

Kane is not old enough or obedient enough to walk next to the cart when we go grocery shopping.  The ideal spot for him would be the front basket but currently that's occupied by his little brother so sitting in the cart with the groceries is the next best option.  However, that leaves him with a myriad of temptations such as, taking a big bite into a package of lunch meat, sampling any of the produce available, using coffee creamers to play army (slamming them into one another until one of the bottles explodes) or trying to squish anything malleable through the holes in the cart.   

Keeping him and our groceries safe sometimes seems like an insurmountable task.  He drove this point home just the other day in fact.

We were at Walmart picking up a few things, when Ford began to get fussy, it was nap time.  I was bent over giving him plenty of attention and snuggles trying to change his attitude.  Kane was sitting directly below Ford in the cart where I couldn't see him.  I wasn't paying close attention to him b/c I didn't have anything in the cart that was dangerous to him and he wasn't leaning out of the basket, I figured we were pretty good.  He began to cough dramatically but I tuned it out, he has seasonal allergies and the pollen has begun to fly here a bit.  I looked up from Ford to see what was going on with the customer and cashier in front of us when I noticed the look of horror on the cashiers face, she was staring directly where Kane was sitting.  

Oy that kid.  I peaked around Ford and found that he had taken the buckle to Ford seat, snapped it around his neck and was leaning forward on it to choke himself.  He was bright red, coughing/laughing with the biggest grin on his face.

Why Kane, why?

Other than rope burn on his neck and maybe a few dead brain cells, he was fine. 

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Anonymous said...

Who can blame him. You were at Walmart...