Monday, August 22, 2011

An Update

- Kane is potty trained during the day (we still put a diaper on at nap time b/c I dont relish doing extra laundry). Potty training Kane has been interesting. The other boys had potty training down in about a week, we're over the 2 month mark with Kane. It's not that he doesn't get it, he does, in fact he's learned to work the system. See we started out giving him a treat whenever he went #1 on the potty after a day or two of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, I began to worry that the kid had the tiniest bladder ever and we'd need to see a urologist. As I payed closer attention I realized he was going pee just a little bit, stopping, getting his treat and then going again to get another treat. Talk about bladder control!!! So I had a little chat with him and we phased out treats for going number 1 and only offered it for number 2. Biggest mistake of my life. I'm wiping butts more often than I ever have in my 6 1/2 year career as a mom! Ugh! The icing on the cake though, he's terrified of public bathrooms. They flush too loudly for him. He shakes, covers his ears and screams. Its fantastic.

-Ford is walking. In the last 2 weeks he's gone from mostly crawling to mostly walking. Its weird to see my baby walk around the corner now!

-The older two boys are loving school. Evan's love of food has been eclipsed by his love of four square, evidenced by the half eaten lunch he has left at the end of every day. Fortunately he has time to finish it in the van on the way home. Evan has gym two days a week this year, soccer on Mondays and swim lessons on Fridays. Seth has gym on Wednesdays but was rained out last week so I'm looking forward to hearing about it this week!

-Speaking of Seth, I am so impressed by how responsible he is! Not that I expected him to be a slacker but the kid is really on the ball. Reminding me about his show and tell, gym days and to pack his snack. I think he'll come in handy round here cause I don't know if y'all know this or not but his momma, well she's a little absentminded.

-Jed and I went on an awesome date this weekend. For the first time since I was pregnant with Evan, almost 7 years ago, we went to the beach, sans children! It was phenomenal! Not only did I go in water deeper than my knees I also was able to sit down in a chair and relax. No counting heads in the water, no worrying that one of the kids would be hit by a car, no fighting with a toddler over eating sand and the only person I had to worry about cleaning up after was me! Jed and I realize we need to be more intentional about taking breaks like that more often.

-A big thank you to Shannon, Christina and Jessica for the babysitting! :) You guys are the best!

-Thanks to Netflix I'm now addicted to Friday Night Lights. Does anyone know if its coming back for another season? I know it struggled in ratings for a while. I hope so... I guess I could just google that huh?!

Alright, well that gets you mostly up to date with what's going on around here. I've got laundry to do so adios.

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