Sunday, August 14, 2011

Destination Thanksgiving!

We're planning to have Thanksgiving in North Carolina again this year! Which gives us the perfect opportunity to check out, Pilot Mountain State Park, just a couple hours, give or take, from where we'll be staying! I only realized this on my road trip last month as I was driving by. This is really exciting as our family has a love of hiking the mountains of NC!

This summer we did, Chimney Rock

When we arrived we discovered the elevator was out. Really we're not crazy enough to plan to hike that with 4 little kids but since we were already there...

We walked 315 feet to the top which is little more than 400 stairs! Oh and we were carrying Ford the whole way and Kane part of it!

At the top. I really had to fight my anxiety to be able to stay up there. I did ok, my head was fuzzy because I instinctively held my breath from time to time and I couldn't really bring myself to look out over the edge but thats a huge step up from blacking out or feeling the need to become one with the ground. I think it helped that mountains dont sway...

Jed took this, obviously. Behold Lake Lure!

And then Clingmans Dome,

No stairs just one heck of a hike. Altitude: 6,643 ft!

Its only a half mile from the ranger station to the lookout but let me tell ya, its brutal! I saw at least a half dozen little kids drop to the ground in a puddle of tears, including two of our own, and more than that many adults that I thought would need stretchers to get off the mountain!

Even Fifi needed help!

The view at the top was lovely though and totally worth it!

The trail to Clingmans intersects with the Appalachian Trail which we'd like to do part of some day, ya know when we're out of the stroller and diaper phase.... which I'm hoping is before we hit the wheelchair and adult diaper phase! :)
Until then, bring on Pilot Mountain!

Oh and few extra pictures for my mom! Hi mom!

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