Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our last full day at my grandma's my cousin stopped by with her children. I hadn't met her kids yet and she hadn't met my two... or maybe even three youngest, I can't remember. Unfortunate side effect of moving over a 1,000 miles away from where you grew up.

Ford was pretty jazzed to have some visitors his own age!

Six out of grandma's seven, great grandchildren under one roof!
Such cuties!

Poor little L, Kane has never met a stranger.
Case in point.

Fortunately baby A knows how to deal with men already.

Kane can be sneaky though.
I dont get to take pictures of little girls very often but when I do I eat it up!

The big boys went outside to play, well the big boys who aren't terrified of being outside that is.

My cousin organized a good ol' fashioned game of red light, green light. I think this might be magenta light...

A quick break on the front porch.

Then a rousing game of Ring Around the Rosie.
It was a blast! Thanks for visiting us guys!

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