Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip Quotes

We made it home at 9 something Monday night. We've been trying to get back into the swing of things since then, plus get ready for school which starts sooner than I'd like it to! Not to mention my 1 year old has developed a sever case of neediness and a weird napping schedule. He slept 5 hours Tuesday which was amazing but he wouldn't sleep at all yesterday, not so amazing.

Anyway, we're doing well and I plan to do major picture posts soon, especially for my husband so he can see what he missed out on! For now though I wanted to post some quotes from the boys before I forget them all, I've already forgotten so many!

"Where's the snow?!" -Seth when we arrived in Michigan.

"Mom, why are the cars in Michigan sooo rusty... and dirty?" -Evan

"Mom, are there alligators or sharks in there?" -Evan asked this about every. body. of water. we came across.

"Is this a bery big blow up, kiddie pool?" -Seth in reference to an above ground pool

"Aunt Becca works in a huge junk store!" -Seth Jed's sister manages a non profit resale store in Jackson.

As we began our trip back to Pennsylvania from Michigan Seth announced, "We're going to Papua New Guinea now to see Aunt Cici and Uncle Ben!" I wish!

Last but not least, when Evan meets people one of the first questions he asks them is how old they are. We've had a few awkward moments, including when he bounced up to my grandma and great aunt and asked them. Thankfully they were good sports about it. Afterwards I took a moment with Evan to have a little chat.

Me: "Evan, you know how you like to ask people their ages?"

Evan: "Yes."

Me: "Well, I understand you're just curious but sometimes when you ask women how old they are it hurts their feelings. It's a silly thing to get upset about but we should still try to be nice when we can."

Evan: "Mom I didn't mean it in a mean way."

Me: "I know sweetheart."

Evan: "Mom, I just really love numbers, like that you're 29, Ford is 1, Kane is 2, Seth is 5, and dad is 32... and aunt Jessie is 32 too! Oh and uncle Nate is younger than aunt Jessie he's only 31!"

Me: "Hmm, what about uncle Jay and aunt Mimi?" I'm not doing a good job setting the example for our new rule here huh....

Evan: "Easy, 43 and 42!"

Me: "Joseph.."

Evan: "17!"

On and on we went through most of the family until he told me, "I wish my name was a number, that would be so awesome!"

All though I know there were tons more one liners that had me in stitches, thats all I can remember right now.

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