Monday, April 11, 2011

The Other White Meat

Me: "Evan what do you think we should have for dinner tonight?"

Evan: "Meatloaf!"

Me: "I don't think I have any ground beef or turkey."

Evan: "Oh, well what about pig meat?! I love pig!"

Me: "You mean pulled pork."

Evan: "Mmm, yes, I love pulled pork!"

Me: "Well, I didn't thaw the pork."

Evan: "Oh. (It was silent for a little bit while I tried to come up with something for dinner) Mom, if we had a pig as a pet do you think it would make the pig angry if we named it pork?"

Me: "Uh... probably not."

Evan: "What about ribs or ham?"

Me: "No. Why?

Evan: "Because I love meat and if we had a pig it would be fun to call it, pork or ribs! Come here little ribbys! Hahaha! That would make me hungry too! Can we have something meaty for dinner?!"

Me: "I'll get on it right after I make you an appointment to see a therapist."

Evan: "To see a what?"

Me: "Never mind, love you!"

Evan: "Love you too."

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