Friday, April 8, 2011

Daddy's New Wardrobe

My husband has a lot of clothes. He's a borderline clothing hoarder.

I'm working on an intervention.

Until then I talked him into buying this.
Its for his clothes that dont fit in our closet.

It also works well as a spot for Church to nap away from the hustle and bustle of small kids and two dogs.

Oh and its a great place for a 2 year old to take a much needed break from his tough schedule of playing and snacking.

I guess if the 2 year old needs a nap then so does the 4 year old...

Ok, come on! You guys gotta get out of there, I'm not going to have room for the rest of daddy's clothes!

Closing your eyes doesn't actually make you invisible... oh nevermind, I'll finish the laundry later.

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