Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to with Ford

Hi y'all, the name's Ford!

Btw, I can use "y'all" cause unlike my yankee parents I was born in this here southern state and they named me Ford, you don't get much more southern than that!

Let's get this four wheeler back on the trail folks!

Today I'm going to be teachin ya the proper technique for eatin graham crackers!

First open that there mouth of yours nice n' wide. Jam cracker in.

Take a bite.

Cram bite in.

Keep crammin!

Now let that baby saliva do it's magic.

Oh you're not a baby?!
Well, I guess you'll have to use those molars you got, not as fun but it gets the job done.

Repeat and enjoy!

Thats it!

Next time we'll go over the steps on how to throw a fit when your mom tries to wipe the crumbs off your face. If done correctly she gives up and lets you stay dirty!

See y'all then!

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Katie said...

Love it!