Saturday, April 9, 2011

East Coast, West Coast

We went to the beach TWO weekends in a ROW!

Last weekend we went to Cape Canaveral for the first time.

This weekend Sand Key park, also a first.

Last weekend we found that Kane is over his fear of the ocean, although still cautious.

This weekend we discovered Ford loves the water! It was his first time actually going in and from past experience we were bracing ourselves for him to freak out like his brothers, imagine our surprise when he happily kicked and splashed around. Later when we put him down on the sand to play he made a beeline back to water and with no fear went face first into the waves. The kid couldn't get enough!

I took these pictures while we were driving.

It was spring break therefore it was packed, we finally found parking here.

Kane loved these turtles!

The pier in Clearwater.

I haven't mustered up the courage to bring my "fancy" camera down to the beach yet (sand can do a lot of damage, not to mention water!) and I can't find my point and shoot so no pictures of the boys or the beach. :(

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