Sunday, December 1, 2013


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year and we even talked Jessie and Nate into driving down from North Carolina to join us!  

I hardly got any pictures but I did capture this, 

Jed and his meat tornado! 

 We smoked 4 different types/cuts of meat!  Delicious! 

The night was kind of a blur, there were a ton of people in our tiny upstairs living room/dining room area and most of them were under the age of 10!  

 Jon texted me these.  

I'm glad he and Isla had a good time! :) Currently he's in the number one cousin spot, she let him hold her and even smiled for him, unprecedented behavior right there! 

The rest of the weekend looked a lot like this, 
 Children frolicking in our yard, delightful! 

Hanging out by the pond and fire pit, although we did that more in the evenings than during the day. 

Nate spent Friday morning sculpting his beard into something more fitting for our country location.   

We managed to squeeze in some black Friday shopping, where my husband purchased a pair of these beauties.  

Jessie talked me into doing my nails with Jamberry strips!  

I baked lots o' cookies.  

And these two solidified their best friend status, with chest bumping, snack sharing and mischief plotting. 

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!  

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