Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorating

The Sunday after Christmas Jessie and Nate headed home and we dove into decorating for Christmas!  

I should say, Jed dove in dragging me with him.  I usually love decorating for Christmas but this year with the move and everything, it just seems so overwhelming!  I have no vision for what I want this house to look like so it's hard to get excited to decorate.  

Fortunately the tree was easy enough and the kids were so excited to help.  They put most of the ornaments on this year, I simply had to pass them out and later go back and take some from the bottom half of the tree and put it on the bare top half of the tree.  :)  

As you can see pants were optional.  

Don't let that face fool you she was plotting how to reign down destruction on all our work.  She destroyed more ornaments in the first 24 hours than all the boys in almost 9 years!  

Seth's handiwork this year. 

 Seth's handiwork from 5 Christmas' ago.  May we never forget what 2 year olds are capable of. :) 

 Christmas selfie! 


 The next day with Kane and Ford's help we pulled out a few more decorations from storage and while I placed things, they added their own creative touches.  

Merry Christmas!  

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