Monday, October 8, 2012

Jed's parents came for a visit.  We took them to our favorite pancake place in a state park where we took these pictures. 

Ford and Evan enjoying the springs. 

Seth, Ford and Kane chilling in a Live Oak.  The branches were so long and windy, how do they not break?! 

Then we went to the Christmas tree farm, which was celebrating Halloween!  

Ford's first pony ride!  He loved it!

 Evan held his first baby goat! 
 Joe and the kids. 

 This was right after Jon got a big wet kiss.  
On to the boys' favorite, the bounce pillow!  

Well, I guess not all the boys' favorite. 

  Big cousins make it all better though!  

Then it started raining and we had to run for to the Suburban.  

Oddly enough I didn't get a single picture of Jed's parents.  
I guess they'll just have to come for another visit! 

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