Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Isla Milestones

I have been terrible at keeping up on Isla's milestones on my blog.  So I thought it was time to mention a couple.  

Over the last couple weeks I noticed that she has been watching us eat and getting frustrated.  Its one of the signs that babies are ready for food.  She isn't sitting up on her own yet though, another one of the signs.  The sitting thing though, seems not to interest her, she'd rather stand than sit so when I put her in the sitting position she arches her back and tries to force herself into a stand.  

All that to say that after putting it off for as long as I could, I bought her some rice cereal and she's now eating a "solid meal" about once a day.  

I was kind of hoping she'd refuse solid food like her big brother Ford until she was at least 7 or 8 months old. Oh well, maybe she wont be as picky as he is either, maybe she'll love food like the older 3 boys.  

She's also mobile!  Well, sort of anyway.  This past weekend Jed and I caught her doing the inch worm!  She gets herself up on her hands and knees and pushes herself down and forward (and unintentionally to the left).  It takes forever for her to even move far enough to notice but its a start!

 And just this week I got out her 3-6 month clothing, despite the fact that she's still fits nicely in her 0-3 month stuff.   I mean the girl will be 6 months old in a couple weeks, it's time.

3-6 month outfit above picture.
0-3 months in the pictures below.  I just had to share these of her and Seth.  Seth regularly asks me to take pictures of the two of them together.  He likes to see if he can get her to smile.
"I love you Isla."

 Not the reaction he was hoping for.

 There we go!

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